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XL7015 DC-DC Converter Buck Module


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XL7015 DC-DC Converter Buck Module

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The XL7015 DC-DC step-down module is a high-efficiency, high-voltage step-down DC-DC converter that can provide a high output current capability of 0.8A, low ripple, excellent linear regulation and load regulation, and the input voltage can reach 80V, far more than 2596 and other modules. The chip has built-in multiple protection mechanisms. It can be applied to electric vehicle controllers, etc.


1. Wide input voltage range from 5V to 80V;

2. The output voltage is adjustable from 5V to 20V;

3. Small voltage drop 1V;

4. The maximum switching current is 0.8A;

5. The recommended output power is less than 7W;

6. Built-in overheat shutdown protection, output short circuit protection, overcurrent protection;

7. Excellent linearity and load regulation;

Hardware Introduction and Description
Board size: 16mm *44mm;

Wiring Instructions
1. VIN: voltage input terminal (5V-80V);

2. GND: input voltage ground;

3. VOUT: output voltage terminal (5V-20V);

4. GND: output voltage ground;

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XL7015 DC-DC Converter Buck Module

XL7015 DC-DC Converter Buck Module

XL7015 DC-DC Converter Buck Module

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