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YF-S201 Debit Meter (1 - 30 l / min)


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This flowmeter operates on the basis of the magnetic effect, it feeds at voltages between 5 and 18 V (DC) and is easy to use - it counts the pulses obtained at the output.

See description for more details about the product.

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The water flow sensor is mainly composed of a plastic valve body, a water flow rotor assembly and a Hall sensor.

It is installed at the water inlet end of the water heater to detect the influent flow rate as it passes through the water flow rotor assembly.

The magnetic rotor rotates and the rotational speed changes with the flow rate and the Hall sensor outputs a corresponding pulse.

The signal is fed back to the controller, and the controller determines the magnitude of the water flow and performs regulation.

The sensor has three connections, two for power supply and one output (yellow). Flow rate can be easily calculated, a pulse is approximately 2.25ml. If it is positioned and calibrated correctly, the accuracy of approximately 10%.

Calculation formula: Flow rate (l / min) = Frequency (Hz) /7.5.


• Sensor type: Hal effect

• Working voltages: 5 - 18V DC

• Current: 15mA to 5V

• Exit: 5V TTL

• Flow rate: 1 - 30 l / m:

• Working temperatures from -25oC to + 80oC

• Humidity Accepted Conditions: 35% - 80% RH

• Accuracy: ± 10%

• Maximum water pressure: 2.0 MPa

• Output filling factor: 50% + -0%

• Exit rise time: 0.04us

• Down Time Output: 0.18us

• Pulses / liter: 450

• Minimum lifetime of 300,000 cycles

• Cord length: 15cm

• 1/2 "tube connections, 0.78" outer diameter

• Dimensions: 2.5 "x 1.4" x 1.4 "


1. This product is light and flexible in appearance, small in size and easy to install.

2. The impeller is internally set with a stainless steel shaft and is always wear-resistant.

3. The sealing ring adopts the upper and lower force structure and never leaks.

4. The Hall element is imported from Germany and is encapsulated with potting glue to prevent water from entering and never aging.

5. all raw materials have met ROHS testing standards

Precautions for use

• Severe impact and chemical attack are strictly prohibited.

• It is strictly forbidden to throw or collide.

• Install vertically, with a slope of no more than 5 degrees.

• The medium temperature should not exceed 1200C.

Output waveform diagram: square wave NPN pulse signal

Lead line method

1. red IN is connected to the positive pole

2. yellow OUT signal output line

3. black GND connected to the negative

YF-S201 frequency: F=7.5*Q(L/Min) Error: ±2% Voltage: 3.5-24VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, output 450 pulses after one liter of water

That is, frequency calculation = constant 7.5 * unit flow rate (L / min) * time (seconds)

Flow range: 1-30L/min

Technical Parameters

Scope of application: Suitable for water heaters, credit card machines, automatic water vending machines, and other flow metering equipment!





1. the lowest-rated working voltage DC4.5 5V-24V
2. the maximum working current 15 mA (DC 5V)
3. working voltage range DC 5~18 V
4. load capacity ≤10 mA (DC 5V)
5. the use of temperature range ≤80°C
6. the use of humidity range 35% to 90% RH (no frosting)
7. allow pressure Water pressure below 1.75Mpa
8. save the temperature -25~+ 80°C
9. save humidity 25% to 95% RH

This product is mainly used in water heaters, water dispensers, automatic water vending machines, credit card machines, etc.

Product wiring: red +, black -, yellow for pulse signal output

Output signal: NPN pulse signal

Note: 1. Fully sealed means that the product is not only waterproof but also anti-steam, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, etc. It can be completely immersed in water. It is generally used in the bathing equipment of the bathing hall. It is resistant to temperature, pressure, and cold. Can you live with any test 2, not completely sealed means to prevent water from flowing in, but can not prevent steam from entering, please friends to know what they need when buying, please contact customer service if it is completely sealed.

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YF-S201 Debit Meter (1 - 30 l / min)

YF-S201 Debit Meter (1 - 30 l / min)

This flowmeter operates on the basis of the magnetic effect, it feeds at voltages between 5 and 18 V (DC) and is easy to use - it counts the pulses obtained at the output.

See description for more details about the product.

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