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7'' LCD for Raspberry Pi (including driver board)


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Product size: 90.5mm*65.6mm*8mm

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Product function:

1.1 VGA signal input

2.2 channel AV signal input

3.1 HDMI signal input and this IC supports HDMI1.1/1.2/1.3

4.1 road reversing signal input

5. Supports wide voltage input, and can be normally between 5V-24V Work,

6. Standard backlight 6PIN, interface, external high voltage board

7. Driver board integrated LCD LED backlight driver board,

8. Standard LVDS signal output can support single 6, single 8, double 6, double 8 and other standards LVDS signal LCD screen, but only supports screen power supply 3.3V LCD screen

9. Standard keypad interface, and supports two-color LED indicator display

10. Support TTL signal output, universal 50PIN interface TTL LCD screen

11. With other boards Can support the following LCD screen

  • EJ070NA01-1024X600 resolution
  • EJ080NA04B-1024X768 resolution
  • ZJ070NA01, model universal 40PIN high score LCD

12. With other boards, can also support China's 60PIN LVDS10.1 inch LCD screen,

13. The driver board The maximum output display resolution is 1920X1080. When the resolution is 1440X900, it depends on the working condition of the IC, and the heat sink is added to reduce the operating temperature of the IC.

14. This IC, VGA part can directly input YP. BPR signal, realized by the program

15. This driver board can add remote control function (need to be implemented by software)

16. This driver board can automatically detect and display related input voltage information.

17. The driver board can support the function of automatic detection signal switch---this function is customized function.

18. This driver board can be added with BNC interface---customization is required.

19. Supports reversing control, and displays AV2, reversing voltage support 50V Voltage input

20. The drive plate positioning holes are four

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7'' LCD for Raspberry Pi (including driver board)

7'' LCD for Raspberry Pi (including driver board)

Product size: 90.5mm*65.6mm*8mm

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