18650 XTAR MC2 Battery Charger


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18650 XTAR MC2 Battery Charger

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The most important features:

• CPU-controlled three-stage TC / CC / CV charging process 
• Two independent charging channels 
• Powered by any micro USB charger or computer USB port (min 0.5A) 
• Small dimensions - easy to carry 
• Reactivation function of deeply discharged cells 
• Security: short circuit, thermal, reverse polarity

The small enclosure has a fully professional processor charger with a three-stage TC / CC / CV charging system Charges 1-2 Li-ion 3.6 / 3.7V cells of any capacity in sizes 14500, 14650, 16340, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700, 22650, 25500, 26650. 

What is the method of charging TC / CC / CV? 

It is a three-stage process of charging Li-ion cells ensuring maintenance of the cell in good condition by charging with the appropriate current at each stage and ending the charging process at the right moment. 
The individual stages of the TC / CC / CV process are: 
• TC phase: cells discharged below 2.85V are 'woken up' by a lower current.
• CC phase: after reaching 2.85V, the cell is charged with a constant current of 0.5A or 0.25A (depending on the power source used). 
• CV phase: when the cell is almost charged, the charger switches to charging with decreasing current until the voltage reaches 4.2V on the cell. After reaching 4.2 volts, the charging process is completed - the battery is fully charged. 

Batteries with a voltage of 4.1V or higher are treated as charged by the charger. To recharge such a battery fully, put it in the charger before turning it on. The charged batteries left in the charger will undergo a natural self-discharge process. Charging will resume when the battery voltage drops below 4.1V. Xtar MC2 charger has the function of reactivation of deeply discharged cells and 0V voltage cells. Many chargers on the market are not able to charge such batteries. Here comes the Xtar MC2 charger , which in many cases allows you to "rescue" such cells. All you need to do is insert a deeply discharged battery into the MC2 charger, just like in the case of normal charging - the charger will detect the discharged link and attempt to reactivate it. 

Warning! Cells discharged below a certain level are irreversibly damaged and their reactivation may be impossible. Avoid too deep discharge of Li-ion batteries - this can lead to a significant reduction in their durability and capacity or lead to their total failure.


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18650 XTAR MC2 Battery Charger

18650 XTAR MC2 Battery Charger

18650 XTAR MC2 Battery Charger

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