U Shape Photoelectric Sensor


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U-shaped photoelectric sensor module that can be used for encoder.

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Technical specifications:

  • LED voltage drop: 1.2V;
  • Current: 50mA (max);
  • Collector voltage - phototransistor: 30V;
  • Current phototransistor: 20mA.

The U-shaped photoelectric sensor has two components: the infrared emitting light and the phototransistor. The distance between the two arms is 5mm.

The sensor is useful for detecting whether an object is between the two arms and stops the IR radiation transfer. For example, the sensor can be used to calculate the number of revolutions per minute on an engine, using an encoder wheel as well.

The module contains a LM393 comparator and thus a digital output is obtained. The threshold voltage is adjustable.

It has four pins: VCC and GND used for power supply, operating both at 3.3V and at 5V , and the other two pins are used for output: DO connects to a digital pin and generates a HIGH signal when the radiation flux is interrupted; AO connects to an analogue pin. The board has two LEDs, one red for correct power signaling and one green LED that turns off when DO becomes HIGH.

Dimensions: 32mm x 14mm.


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U Shape Photoelectric Sensor

U Shape Photoelectric Sensor

U-shaped photoelectric sensor module that can be used for encoder.

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