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Voltage Sensor Module


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Voltage Sensor Module

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This module is designed based on the principle of resistive voltage division, which can reduce the input voltage of the terminal interface by 5 times. The maximum analog input voltage of Arduino is 5V, so the input voltage of the voltage detection module cannot be greater than 5V×5=25V (if 3.3V is used system, the input voltage cannot be greater than 3.3Vx5=16.5V). Because the AVR chip used by Arduino is 10-bit AD, the analog resolution of this module is 0.00489V (5V/1023), so the minimum input voltage detected by the voltage detection module is 0.00489V×5=0.02445V.


  • Voltage input range: DC0-25V;
  • Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V-25V;
  • Voltage analog resolution: 0.00489V;
  • DC input interface: the positive pole of the terminal is connected to VCC, and the negative pole is connected to GND;
  • Output interface: "+" connects to 5/3.3V, "-" connects to GND, "s" connects to the AD pin of Arduino.

Code example:

#include <Wire.h>

int val11;
int val2;

void setup()
 Serial.println("Voltage: ");  
void loop()
 float temp;      


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Voltage Sensor Module

Voltage Sensor Module

Voltage Sensor Module

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